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website hosting.

our fees explained.

When Hoodoo designs and publishes a website for you, you'll need to pay both the design fee and the hosting fee.

The design fee is a one-off charge for designing all the parts of your website. Normally, you'll be invoiced for this seperately.

The hosting fee covers the costs of keeping your website online and also includes access to the editor, security certificates, SEO optimisation, AI system and all the great things that make your website shine. The hosting fee needs to be paid per website, even if you have multiple sites with Hoodoo.

You can subscribe to a monthly plan or save up to £151 a year by selecting an annual plan. Your payments will recur depending on which plan you select.

If you choose 'annual plan, monthly payments' then you will need to commit to that plan for a minimum of 12 months. If you leave early, your termination fee is a lump sum of the remaining months left on your plan. The 'monthly plan' offers a no-commitment, rolling plan where you may terminate with 1 months notice, but the monthly payments are higher.

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