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Zack Reed, December 2 2022

8 tunes of winter moods.

The nights are longer and colder. The stars glint and watch over us in splendour. For myself, there's a strange attraction to the winter evenings and it reminds me of my adventures in Canada surrounded by large stretches of woods, mountains and pine trees. It placed me in a mode of inner peace, discovery and wonder that even the bites of the cold couldn't hinder.

As a person with synaesthesia, I often have a multitude of playlists for nearly every occasion and mood that become a soundtrack of my life. So, without further ado, here are 8 moodily wintery tracks to inspire.

rock / indie / pop / shoegaze / dream

Velour // RHEYA

Ever wondered what it would be like to dive into a dream filled with winter reverb that has the ever-so slightest 80s characteristic? Look no further than Velour by Swedish mystery-musician RHEYA.

Jogging // Wray

Take the first song of this entry (Velour by RHEYA), increase the tempo and add a hint of synth wave. And you'll get the beautiful track Jogging from the Alabama-based trio Wray.

Love Fade // Tamaryn

Let's switch things up a little, shall we? Introducing Love Fade by New Zealand-born musician Tamaryn. Expect a little more grit and girl-power in a ruthlessly relaxing melody.

Fever Dream // Sunnbrella

This track sounds like it belongs in a 90s film intro based in a cold, neon-lit city. However you perceive it, it's a great night driving song presented by London's Sunnbrella.

On Our Own // The Meeting Places

I've listened to this track a lot while sitting on the boat docks, staring out at the ships sailing into the vast sea with the misty mountains in the background. A big thank you to California's The Meeting Places for making the perfect setting.

Chasing Stars // Postiljonen

Time to introduce some upbeat dream pop into the mix. Chasing stars by Swedish band Postiljonen combines a pop mix with wonderfully whining synths that always put a smile on my face when going for a walk.

Evil Coast // The Mary Onettes

This masterpiece is a personal favourite that I've held onto for a very long time, thanks to Sweden's The Mary Onettes. I first heard it whilst waiting anxiously for my first bungee jump in Whistler.

In Camera // Yumi Zouma

To complete this list is a track by Yumi Zouma from New Zealand. Upbeat yet relaxing with chorded vocals, it's a great way to start a Sunday to while enjoying a tea in your duvet.

Got a song that suits the list? Let us know by getting in touch and we may well add it to our next compilation of ear candies.

Written by

Zack Reed


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