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simple. smart. local.


simplified event ticketing.

Hoodoo Tickets is a brand new system with independent venues and musicians in mind. Once enabled, Hoodoo Tickets will integrate itself automagically with our event pages as the default format for guests to purchase tickets to their favourite events at your business. But don't worry - if you'd rather use a different partner for your ticketing then you're welcome to do so and we'll make sure that the link is included with your event.

what makes it different?

As part of our mission to regenerate growth for events, musicians, artists and businesses within Bournemouth and Poole, Hoodoo Tickets is only available for events happening within this region (as are our promoted event listings). But there's a lot more benefits too. Continue onwards to find them out.

keep 100% of your sales.

A lot of ticket hosts will charge you service fees whilst also charging the guest the same. We don't. Our small fees for transactions and hosting is covered by the buyer. This means that we don't have to charge you anything. So after transactional charges are withdrawn, you get to keep 100% of ticket sales to share between yourself and your musicians or artists. Easy peasy.

what does hoodoo get?

As part of the booking fee that the guest pays, 10% covers transactional and partner fees to make the ticket buying process possible. This will never impinge on the face value of each ticket, so you'll still get 100% of your sales. We also use our bit towards helping venues and musicians get even better shows. It's our thank you gift for using our service.


when will I get paid my ticket sales?

That's up to you. We offer weekly or monthly payments from the moment your sales begin - or if you like, you can save it up until your sales stop and we'll send you the whole thing. You'll get a detailed report of how your ticket sales went each week, too. And as long as you give us 48 hours notice, we can transfer any accrued funds straight to your account.

focus on your event.leave the ticketing to us.

join a network of independent venuesin bournemouth + poole.

search, scan + validate.all in one app.

Validate your guests' tickets quickly and easily by simply downloading the free app on a phone or tablet* and scanning the QR code. If someone doesn't have the QR code to hand, then you can search for their booking too.

Available solely for independent venues in Bournemouth and Poole, get noticed in our collaborative calendar with your hottest events - and a way for guests to instantly purchase tickets to them.

With Hoodoo Tickets, the entire process is automated from the moment your event tickets are published. So you can focus on the core values of your event, and leave the tickets and attendance to us.

try our checkout.

your sales can do amazing things.

give back. feel great.

hoodoo's commitment.

Our cut from every sale goes towards great things, such as funding towards more fantastic events that independent venues and musicians can benefit from. With Hoodoo's events you can bring in both local talent and national stars to play a great set in your own venue.

support DKMS and we'll match it.

Support an amazing charity DKMS (Delete Blood Cancer) without affecting your ticket sales income. We'll raise the booking fee by an extra 2% which goes straight to DKMS. And best of all, we'll match It ourselves by giving an extra 2% for every ticket sold, from us.