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the wonderful world of hoodoo (and what we do).

creative services.

Inspired by music, adventure and sharing the moments we love the most, Hoodoo is a platform anybody can use to kick-start their ideas, launch projects and earn growth to the people that matter the most to you.


for musicians and artists.

Your 'everything you need' solution is right here. Get your music recorded, logos and artwork designed, a website set up and then sell and share your work with your audience. What's more, you could feature in our live band experiences where we host gigs in Bournemouth, Bristol and beyond.

for everyone.

Our services aren't just for musicians and artists - anyone can enjoy the benefits of Hoodoo! In our past projects and brands, we've helped a wide range of individuals get what they need to make their ideas a reality and succeed. Previous clients include law firms, personal trainers, cafés and bars, trading businesses and yoga instructors.

reviews + promotion.

Hoodoo isn't just about creating things for other people, but also to celebrate the creators. Our rich history of working with musicians, artists, venues and authors gives us the know-how of rooting out new or upcoming news and shout about it.

bournemouth + poole.

We are on a mission to restore Bournemouth and Poole's vibrant music, art and events culture by designing a system that advertises, promotes and reviews diverse opportunities all in one place. We regularly go on a hunt to find out what's going on at our independent venues, then make sure we highlight the best of what they're doing right here.

giving back.

Our software, systems and online tools are available for independent venues to use in order to get the best out of their business. We can host ticketed live gigs and events in Hoodoo Tickets - and because the buyer pays the booking fee, we don't have to charge it to the seller, ensuring they and their musicians get 100% of their sales.

a hoodoo life.

a bit of history.

It began back in 2014. Hoodoo is a brand that founder and digital designer Zack set up to signature his work. Being a musician, Zack loved playing and going to gigs, so he expanded the brand a bit and made a live events branch, which featured both local talent and national well-known stars. The brand poured a wealth of creative solutions for individuals and businesses of all audiences - both within it's previous hometown Bristol and beyond.

coming back home.

Zack moved back to his hometown, Bournemouth. He was shocked at the worrying number of venues that closed or were about to shut down and often heard comments like "nothing happens in Bournemouth anymore", "it's all boring" or "there's nothing to do here".

hoodoo's mission.

Whilst Hoodoo would continue to offer creative services, he also wanted to use the brand as a platform to connect all of Bournemouth and Poole's independent venues, artists, musicians and creatives where activities could be promoted, reviewed and projected - all in one place. Hoodoo's mission is to bring back the music and arts culture that once covered the streets of our towns. It's not easy to achieve and will take many moons of hard work to get to that point again, but with everyone's participation, Hoodoo believes that it can (and will) happen.

we're lovely people.

zack reed.

founder + digital designer.

Digital designer, adventurer, dreamer. Zack opened up his creative brand back in 2014, dedicating the cause to creating solutions to help people and businesses succeed. Since then, he's produced a lot of websites, videos, graphics and all sorts! He also built the brand to celebrate creators and independent venues alike, promoting their shows and networking the sites together to build one big happy family.

His favourite getaway is Vancouver, he loves his asian cuisine and his favourite colours are those seen in the aurora borealis - in case you wanted to know.

caitlin longley.

events + venue coordinator.

Caitlin has a rich history of working with all kinds of venues in town and is a local event guru of Bournemouth and Poole. She joined Hoodoo with a passion to bring all of the wonderful independent venues into a singular unity, where all venues, events and musicians can be promoted and praised. Caitlin also loves rooting out new and upcoming news in our hometown and shouting about it in our blog and supports our local ticketing platform, Hoodoo Tickets.

When she's not busy Hoodoo'ing, she loves jumping around to sick tunes at music festivals.

it's where it's at.