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creating digital opportunities.

hoodoo. it's where it's at.

let's go!

8 tunes of moods.

From rock, dream pop, shoegaze and indie, here's a little compilation of winter music hand picked by Hoodoo to help you keep inspired during the moody chills.

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an eastern tailwind.

While peddling 3,000 miles across India, Jack Few experiences an intoxicating relationship with India that unfolds from the open road. A burning desire to reconsider the intention and meaning of travel leads him into uncharted territory, where the powerful interplay between beauty and chaos becomes an evocative story told straight from the heart of the country’s inhabitants, customs and rugged interior.

An Eastern Tailwind is a work of creative travel literature, a philosophical exploration of the essence of adventure, and most importantly, an ode to India.

Limited to 100 copies, each book is hand-signed and numbered.

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A faster way to find artists for your venue.

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web design.

A website made just the way you like it. It comes packed with speedy loading times, 100s of integration possibilities, eCommerce, complete security care and much more.

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graphic design.

Design the way it should be. We design logos, illustration, media for online use and print, merchandise and complete branding packages to give your project a real jump-start.

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Putting magic into motion. Present your greatest ideas with photography, film and animation. Then share it with your audiences that matter most.

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Introducing Hoodoo Store. A wonderful way to purchase things from local artists and official Hoodoo merchandise.

now open.

We're doing YouTube our own way, with our upcoming channel Hoodoo Tube. The best of Bournemouth + Poole, our services, adventures and how-to's!

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